Sunwarrior Warrior Blend

Sunwarrior is one of the most famous brands for vegan protein powders, and you’ve probably come across the Warrior Blend if you go to supplement stores – even the non-vegan ones! That’s how widespread these guys are.

Their plant-based protein powder portfolio currently consists of 3 products: “Warrior Blend”, “Classic” and “Classic Plus”. The main difference between them is the vegan source of protein, but there are also other characteristics that might make one or the other more specific for a certain audience (for instance, the Classic is for people with allergies – and the Classic Plus is more targeted at women).

In this post we will review the Sunwarrior Warrior Blend – the one targeted to “Chefs, Athletes, Fitness Gurus, Yogis, Muscle Enthusiasts and  Super Active Souls” (their words, not ours).


This product is offered in 5 flavors: Chocolate, Natural, Vanilla, Berry and Mocha. But actually the first thing you’ll notice is the texture.

Making justice to Sunwarrior’s unique texture, the Warrior Blend is creamy and fluffy – nothing like those chalky, gritty powders that some other brands offer.

In fact it is so creamy that it might clump up in the blender, so remember to add it slowly and set it to low speed. The powder is a bit thick, but the end result is a smoothie that feels like a milkshake – only with an earthy, nutty taste that probably comes from the hemp seeds.

All the flavors are sweet because of the Stevia, but you could say that the aftertaste is not as pronounced as in some other products (like the Vega Sport).

If you like your protein shakes sweet and don’t mind a note of earthiness, you’ll like the Warrior Blend (the best flavors are “Chocolate” and “Vanilla” in our opinion). But if you’re looking for something more bland and tasteless, maybe this is not the right product for you. (Try the Sprout Living Epic Protein instead).



One of the main concerns about protein on a plant-based diet is getting all the essential amino acids – and the Warrior Blend brings a combination of proteins from pea, hemp and cranberry/goji berry – guaranteeing an interesting amino acid profile.

While the majority of vegan protein powders on the market only use rice protein and/or pea protein (including the Sunwarrior Classic)– the Warrior Blend is a good option with protein from legumes (pea), seeds (hemp) and berries (cranberry/goji) – making it a grain-free, gluten-free supplement with a healthy combination of protein sources and a good amino acid profile.


Apart from the actual sources of proteins and Stevia for sweetness, Sunwarrior also included coconut in this product:


  • Has medium chain triglycerides that reduce inflammation

But why use coconut as an anti-inflammatory in your protein shake? – you ask. Well, most people don’t know that, but when you exercise it actually triggers an inflammatory process in your muscle tissues – that’s why the Warrior Blend includes coconut to reduce the inflammation and speed up muscle recovery!


Some people look at the Warrior Blend’s price tag and just give up. That’s a huge mistake.

Forget about the price tag.

Some brands use big scoops and claim that their product has “more grams of protein per dose”. Of course, their doses are bigger! Others sell their products on larger jars, and say that you get “more servings per container”. Who are they trying to fool?

When you’re buying vegan protein powders, make sure to include all these factor into the price equation:

“Product Price”, “Weight”, “Serving Size” and “Grams of Protein per serving”

Here’s the info about the Sunwarrior Warrior Blend:

Product Price: $$ (Click to see updated prices)

Weight: The container is 2.2lbs (998g).

Serving Size: One scoop is 25g

Protein per Serving: Each serving has 19g of protein.

See? Check all those items to make sure the smartass marketing guys aren’t deceiving you by changing the size of the scoop, using bigger containers or decreasing the protein ratio.

If you apply that same thinking to similar products from other brands, you’ll find out that the Warrior Blend is right on the market average. So even though the price looks high, you’re actually buying a high-quality product for a very reasonable price.


Let’s do a quick recap:

Taste: Sweet and yummy. The fluffly, creamy texture is unbeatable.

Sources: Interesting variety, amino acid profile is good. Grain-free, gluten-free.

Other Ingredients: Coconut to speed up muscle recovery.

Cost: $$ (Click to see updated prices)

We can affirm that the Sunwarrior Warrior Blend is one of the best products available. Only con is the little bit of stevia aftertaste, but almost every vegan protein powder has it.

The texture might be a problem if you need to blend your smoothie in a hurry because the powder is not very thin and might clump inside your blender. Otherwise, you’ll love the creamy texture.

And above all, the Warrior Blend has a legion of loyal fans that swear it’s the best vegan protein powder ever made – so you just need to give it a try. Our recommendation is that you buy it right nowbecause there’s a good chance it’s gonna become your favorite.


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