Plant Fusion Plant Protein Powder

Plantfusion is not so famous as some brands like Vega and Sunwarrior, so you don’t usually see their products at the supplement stores. But you’ll soon find out that the Plantfusion Complete Protein is a simple yet delicious vegan protein powder that might become your new go-to for morning smoothies or post-workout shakes.

In this review we’ll cover characteristics such as taste, texture, quality of protein sources, additional ingredients and cost – all with our reliable honesty and impartiality. After reading our thorough analysis, I’m 100% confident you’ll be ready to make an informed decision – whether you decide to buy it or pick a different product!


The PlantFusion Complete Protein comes in 5 unique flavours: ‘Natural’, ‘Vanilla Bean’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘Chocolate Raspberry’ & ‘Cookies n’ Creme’. Understand that ‘Natural’ means unflavoured – but it still has some sweetness due to the use of stevia. So if you’re looking for a truly bland and neutral protein powder (with no stevia), you’ll probably prefer this other brand.

In our opinion ‘Vanilla’ is the best flavor, followed by ‘Chocolate’. We don’t recommend going with ‘Chocolate Raspberry’ or ‘Cookies n’ Creme’ because they have an artificial taste (it’s not very pronounced, but still there). I bet most people won’t like it – but if you feel like you’re an exception, then go for it.

The Vanilla and Chocolate, on the other hand, are sweet but not overwhelming – so you’ll not get that strong stevia aftertaste common to some vegan shakes.

One thing that you’ll notice about this products is that the powder is very fine, to the point of forming messy puffs of powder if you don’t handle it carefully. Our solution was to first add the coconut milk to the blender THEN pour the protein. If you just scoop it and pour on an empty blender, be ready for a cloud of powder right in your face.

We mentioned that we mixed with coconut milk because this product is not ideal for mixing with plain water. As you probably know, most vegan protein powders taste chalky on water – and this one is no exception.

But after blending it with coconut/almond milk and maybe even some berries, you’ll get a very nice smooth, silky consistency that makes it perfect for a smoothie. Some products get grainy and lumpy, but this is not the case with the PlantFusion. Yes, there is a subtle hint of grittiness, but it’s not anywhere near unpleasant.

One thing we should mention is that you should drink it straight away, because if you let it sit it will thicken almost to the point of becoming undrinkable. So more of a ‘blend & drink’ than a ‘pack & go’ .


As you know, when you are on a plant-based diet you should focus on getting all the essential amino acids – because relying in just one source of protein means you won’t get what they call a ‘complete protein’ (read more about this).

The PlantFusion Complete Protein makes justice to its name, bringing a combination of proteins from pea, artichoke, amaranth and quinoa – guaranteeing an incredibly powerful amino acid profile.

In fact, this unique blend of ingredients scores a perfect 1.0 on the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS). If you’re not familiar with the acronym, this is the gold standard for rating the quality of protein. In other words – it’s a truly complete source of protein.

You’ve probably noticed that most vegan protein powders on the market (specially the cheaper ones) only use rice protein and/or pea protein – but the PlantFusion Complete Protein is a good option with proteins from legumes (pea), seeds (quinoa & amaranth) and vegetables (artichoke) – making it a soy-free, gluten-free, non-gmo, supplement with a healthy combination of protein sources and a good amino acid profile.


Apart from the actual sources of proteins and the natural sweeteners (stevia and fructose), PlantFusion also included enzymes in this product to ensure easy digestion and reduce bloating & gas by helping your body break down and absorb proteins. While some protein powders cause digestion problems, this one actually helps your digestive tract! That’s why people with sensitive tummies love PlantFusion 🙂


Now we get to the part where the PlantFusion Complete Protein completely crushes its competitors.

You might look at the price tag and think the price is average, but that’s a HUGE MISTAKE.

Forget about the price tag.

Some brands use big scoops and claim that their product has “more grams of protein per dose”. Of course, their doses are bigger! Others sell their products on larger jars, and say that you get “more servings per container”. Who are they trying to fool?

When you’re buying vegan protein powders, make sure to include all these factor into the price equation:

“Product Price”, “Weight”, “Serving Size” and “Grams of Protein per serving”

Here’s the info about the PlantFusion Complete Protein:

Product Price: $ (Click to see updated prices)

Weight: The container is 2lb (908g).

Serving Size: One scoop is 30g

Protein per Serving: Each serving has 21g of protein.

See? Check all those items to make sure the smartass marketing guys aren’t deceiving you by changing the size of the scoop, using bigger containers or decreasing the protein ratio.

If you apply that same thinking to similar products from other brands, you’ll find out that this product below the market average! So you’re actually buying a high-quality product for a very attractive price.


So here’s the quick recap:

Taste: Sweet but not overwhelming. Perfect for smoothies.

Texture: Fine powder, mixes well for a smooth and silky texture.

Sources: Amazing amino acid profile.

Other Ingredients: Enzymes to help your digestion.

Cost: $ (Click to see updated prices)

As you can see, the PlantFusion Complete Protein is one of the best products available on the market. The taste is good, and although I wouldn’t say it’s the BEST tasting powder available, you will enjoy drinking it (as long as you stick with Natural, Vanilla or Chocolate!)

As a con, we could mention that the powder is too fine and messy… But that’s far from being a deal breaker.

The texture is awesome, but only if you drink it less than 20 minutes after preparing the shake. After that it starts thickening and you won’t like the consistency. So if you’re planning on taking it with you as a snack for later, this product is not ideal.

To wrap it up, the PlantFusion Complete Protein is a great product with a very attractive price – and the combination of vegan protein sources is a very strong feature. If you’re looking for building muscle or just increasing your daily protein intake, this product surely packs a punch.


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After reading our full review, you should be ready to make an informed decision. If you’re convinced that this product would be right for you, our recommendation is that you buy it right now because you won’t be disappointed.

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Thanks for reading our review, hope you find the best protein powder for you 🙂









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