"It's great that you’re exercising your body, but without proper nutrition you’ll only get so far."

Women have specific needs for macro nutrients (carbs, fats, and protein) to thrive - and it’s paramount that these macros come from clean, plant-based foods at each meal throughout your day.


A healthy and balanced nutrition will provide your body with fuel for improved performance and quick recovery, besides stimulating muscle growth.



In this 14-page ebook you'll find 51 yummy and nutritional ideas for all your meals, including:



  •   Just Woke Up
  •  Breakfast
  •  Morning Snack
  •  Lunch
  •  Afternoon Snack
  •  Dinner
  •  Bed Time Snack



Here's a sneak-peek from the book:



Wanna see what's inside?

Check some of the ideas for dishes:



  • A baked sweet potato with salsa, kale, and tahini; one cup of plain soy yogurt with chia seeds on the side for protein;
  • A black bean wrap with tomatoes, corn, avocado and other veggies of choice;
  • Chia pudding made with chia, non-dairy milk, stevia, cinnamon, and coconut flour to thicken;
  • ...and much, much more! [actually 48 more!]


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